What is "Inflammaging"?

It maybe the cool new slang word in health right now. This term describes the discovery that ageing is accompanied by a low grade chronic increase in inflammatory responses, and the greater the underlying inflammation, the faster the ageing process.

This may just explain things such as why those who are not overweight can still have serious health consequences from inflammation, such as heart disease and Diabetes.

Inflammaging specifically refers to the constant, chronic cascade of processes which result in ongoing low grade systemic inflammation in the absence of active infection, leading to the subsequent increased ageing process.

Chronic Inflammation is ever present in cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases and psoriasis, infections, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, diabetes and metabolic imbalances, anaemia, and more, and is a major risk factor for both morbidity and mortality in the elderly. In fact, most if not all age related diseases are fuelled or instigated by inflammation.

In addition, overwhelming evidence has shown that even a mild state of inflammation is associated with altered body composition, compromised energy production and utilisation (mitochondrial function), decreased metabolism, weakened immunity and degrading neuronal health.

Why is Chronic Inflammation worse than Acute Inflammation?

Acute Inflammation is the beneficial short term immune response which the body utilises to protect and repair from traumatic tissue injury, or invading pathogen.

Chronic Inflammation is different in that it is persistent, low grade but results in tissue degeneration rather than repair.

What can cause Chronic Inflammation?

Persistent exposure to pathogens/infection causing ongoing production of leukocytes.

Autoimmune reactions (whether by genetic potential or damaged cells) which cause immune cells to activate, increasing production of inflammatory cytokines.

Weakened ability of the body to remove wastes and debris causing a subsequent increase in free radicals and an 'attack' signalling to the immune system.

Increase in toxicity by way of compromised detoxification pathways in the liver, or the very common altered gut microbiota and leaky gut wall which causes the re-circulation of wastes back into the blood stream. These toxins and wastes again trigger the immune-inflammatory cascade of reactions.

Infection and activation of viruses such as EBV that can be associated with accelerated ageing and increased deterioration of the immune system, showing as a loss of immune/antigen memory, surveillance, and overactive innate immune responses.

Want to down regulate chronic inflammation in your body?

It is essential to identify any underlying causes/triggers

Fish oils are backed by highly reputable evidence in this area

Adopt an anti-inflammatory diet as opposed to a pro-inflammatory one. This will make a dramatic. long lasting and life changing difference

Support and maintain a healthy digestive environment and gut function (addressing dysbiosis/leaky gut/IBS)

Embrace a truly holistic approach to condition management and healing. It's all connected baby!

Seek support with nutrient and herbal remedies that have proven efficacy in reducing chronic inflammation.

Need I say.....stress management.

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