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Why am I Fatigued?

There can be many underlying causes of fatigue, including an energy deficiency that is circumstantial to your daily or weekly routine. Are you over committed or burning the candle at both ends? Is it time for a holiday? Are you forgetting to eat or skipping meals? Is there emotional upheaval or chronic stress?

If your fatigue isn’t related to the above, and you know that something else is at play, then you may have one of the 5 types of fatigue below:

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PMS is not Necessary

Believe me when I tell you that PMS is not necessary. You can toss out those old beliefs that say PMS is normal for women. We are certainly not destined to suffer these symptoms just purely because we are women. In fact, these symptoms are actually signals which your body uses to tell you there is an imbalance. A life without PMS is within easy reach!  

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