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Break up with Processed Food!

All bad relationships are hard to break. And like any toxic relationship in your life, this is also one worth doing. Let’s face it, you owe it to yourself. Processed foods come with a whole lot of baggage that you simply don’t want to take on, and this includes most of those packaged foods in the ‘health’ aisle.

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Following Your Instincts with Health and Healing

You are in charge, and your instincts are your best guide. If it doesn’t feel right, if that diagnosis doesn’t sit well with you, push on and seek more answers. Don’t allow someone to brush you off if you feel unheard and unvalidated. Prioritise your health and follow up until you are getting the help you need. Here are some strategies you can use to get the help you need from a Medical professional.

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PMS is not Necessary

Believe me when I tell you that PMS is not necessary. You can toss out those old beliefs that say PMS is normal for women. We are certainly not destined to suffer these symptoms just purely because we are women. In fact, these symptoms are actually signals which your body uses to tell you there is an imbalance. A life without PMS is within easy reach!  

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