What is Iridology?

Iridology is a tool used to gain insight into an individual's:

  • unique constitution and character traits

  • family/genetic health disposition

  • areas of an individuals health which need more support than others.

  • underlying imbalance/biochemical changes

Through the iris we can learn about the things which make us 'tick' and how best to support our selves & our health.

  • organs requiring more care & attention (as genetically determined or as triggered by past events)

  • how our bodies react to certain ‘stressors’ (according to your unique constitution)

  • indications of where the body is struggling such as vascular health, digestion, hormone systems.

How does it work?

The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body via the nervous system; nerves which eventually feed into the optic nerves attached to the eyes. In this way the iris responds to the nerve and muscle stimuli it receives from all areas of the body, allowing us to receive information about a person's body, soul and welbeing.

‘The eyes are the windows of the soul’.

Did you know that no two irises are the same, and a person’s iris is similar to a finger print?

In an iridology consult you can find out what personality traits stem from your constitution, and how your constitution and the structure of your ‘fibres’ impact you daily needs in terms of diet, lifestyle, nutritional demands, relationships, and emotional needs.

Certain deficiencies (nutrients, dietary, organ) can be seen in the iris, always needing to be confirmed with questioning and consultation. In addition, excesses are evident such as:

  • excessive mucous production,

  • excessive toxicity in an area,

  • high stress or emotional demand, inflammation

  • other imbalances which may be increasing over time.


Iridology Consult


You will receive:

  • a detailed Iris Report which includes all health, personality, emotional and physical information gathered from your Iris photos

  • a digital copy of your iris photos (they are simply beautiful!)

  • Health, diet and nutritional recommendations based on your Iridology findings (detailed in the report)

  • a 45 minute consultation to review this report, and serve as an acute consultation addressing your health concerns.

To book contact me via woodsnaturopathy@gmail.com to arrange your iris photo prior to your iridology consultation. This will be a 10 minute free appointment to take the photos which will then be used to prepare your detailed report prior to your Iridology consultation.