First Consult:

During your first consult we spend a significant amount of time learning all about you. By determining and understanding your unique health requirements, symptoms, underlying imbalances, deficiencies/excesses, and seemingly unrelated signs and symptoms we understand your individual strategies best employed to unlock your body’s own innate ability to heal.

In consultation we evaluate the functioning of all body systems, create a time line of all your past illnesses and significant events to gain a detailed and accurate picture of where there is obstruction for true health.

I utilise tongue, skin, nail, urinalysis in clinic and will also refer for pathology testing only when required.

I design a treatment plan for health and wellness.

75 MINUTES $150 or 60 MINUTES $120

Return/Acute Consult:

In the return consult we assess progress, adjust the overall treatment plan as required. As symptoms resolve and the body’s own healing kicks in we begin to see new priorities and always adjust to ensure we are working with the body.

Not all conditions/symptoms require long term treatment plans, and the Acute consults can also be used for minor complaints such as cold/flu/infection, alleviating hay fever (not for prevention which is a longer healing process), injury management, UTI’s, etc.

45 MINUTES $75 OR 30 MINUTES $60



Not sure how Naturopathy will work for you?

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